hollywood sex scenes

American Pie(1999)-Teenage male fantasies across the globe were fulfilled when exchange student Nadia got naked in American Pie. Four high schoolers are desperate to lose their virginity before they go to college in this gross-out US comedy. Jason Biggs sets up a webcam in his bedroom to capture Shannon Elizabeth getting changed, but things get a lot saucier than he bargained for.

Wild Things(1998)-Incredibly trashy, but hugely enjoyable thriller, that combines graphic violence, innovative plot twists and an inspired cast led by three of Hollywood's biggest teen idols: Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell and Denise Richards. The movie's glossy production values and high school setting might initially fool you into thinking this is no more than a feature-length 90210 episode but it's not long before Wild Things' A-list cast are steaming up the screen in a series of sex scenes that leave little to the imagination. The movie's target audience of male teens watch this movie over and over again just for the moment when Neve and Denise get it on, and then there's the famous threesome...

Ghost(1990)-This tale of love beyond the grave has become a true family favourite. However, it contains one scene that most families would rather not watch together. Demi Moore is engrossed in a spot of pottery when she's disturbed by her husband (Patrick Swayze). Suddenly, all thoughts of throwing a good pot go out the window as the pair indulge in some messy, clay-covered sex.